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YOUR SPECIAL COLOR: Bok Choy :) (Pantone 13-6208). Born on 9-28 you are Attractive, Dependable, and Hard-Working. You are highly magnetic and a wonderful friend. You're not afraid of work and delight in a job well done. Your personal color helps you to release old thoughts and out-moded behavior patterns. Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with the color Bok Choy helps your core self resonate and remind you of the magic within.
WARNING: This information is subject to all the caveats and precautions set forth in the Soulmate Research PDF here. User assumes all risk and responsibility for their use of this site. Readings and scores are "metaphysical information" for entertainment and amusement purposes only. Metaphysical techniques are disputed by many knowledgeable people in science. If metaphysics has any validity it is but one determinant of overall romantic attraction and compatibility.
Kris Stirling 9-27-1958 1.50 In80 C55 CY50 V85 TR80+ TD2. Overall very harmonious with no obvious craters. In and TR matrices especially strong indicating likelihood of easy surface connections. Score 1.75 99%-99%-100% This couple is definitely "on the same wavelength". Super rare 1.00 8-2 P75 Nk75+ Ch65OpCj MgSq? C50ish. Born one day apart, they share an unusual sun/moon opposition (libra-aries), and a mars/venus square (gem-virgo). While there is likely to be much "understanding" of these intrapersonal alignments, how well will these classic clashes work BETWEEN 2 people remains to be seen. They could feel very familiar & attractive, or very awkward OR hot but sometimes irritating or a combo of all 3. By itself this scores around a 2.25 but with perfect mood syncs probably improves to around 1.75 K90+ MD10 ChK90 SrK75N 0d's P75 L100. Superb destiny matrix with some fireworks likely given the 10% MD. This may add heat, amusement, and occasional frustration. More frustrating for her than him. Scores at least 1.35
Jim Tux 8-11-1950 1.75 In75 C20 CY100 V65+ TR70 TD0 94%-99%-100% 5-3 P75 Nk75 Ch50 Mg65 k75 P75 MD0 L0 D90 ChK80 SK65
      Low C is offset by perfect Y. Else a very harmonious personality quilt. (1.75) Very very rare. Helps all areas.(1.00) Good basic. Great mood sync helps(2.00) Above avg. Some heat indicated w/ 0% MD (2.00)
Mike McHenry 11-22-1962 1.75 In45 C75+ CY100 V75+ TR60+ TD0 Very strong w/ hint of occasional friction from 45% In (1.75) 97%-89%-98% Superb mood linkage. Helps all aspects of relationship. Very rare score (1.15) 6-3 P75 Nk85 Ch65 Mg50ish. C100 By itself at least a 2.00. With great syncs moves to 1.75 K75+ P75 ChK80 SrK80 MD20 L100 1d. Beautiful destiny w/ amusing, sometimes irritating 20%MD (2.00)

Connections above this line are rare. Those below this line offer very good soulmate potential.

Brian CPA 2-11-1957 2.00 In65 C20 CY45 V75 TR65 TD1 Soft C ensures some "quirkiness" to an otherwise very harmonious quilt. (2.75) 89%-75%-100% Sky high mood syncs. Helps all connection aspects. Very solid emotional & passion linkages (1.25) 5-3 P50 Nk50 Ch35 Mg100 Passion very likely given 100% Mg. Emotional delicacy needed with 35% Ch. By itself a 2.50. With great mood syncs a 2.00 K70 P50 MD0 L100 ChK90 SrK55 1D Very solid K, near-perfect ChK and 100%L cement this. 0%MD indicates at least some "fireworks". 1.75
      Brian is probably an "unusual" guy. A psychic 11 (the illuminator), an 85% MD, an 8 destiny, a Rooster. Some arrogance and "big thinking" is likely. Cheryl's Aries Moon is likely to enjoy alot of this, though her Libran Sun may find it a bit tedious at times. He's likely to be a "room lighter" also. The biggest "wild card" here is Brians Moon in Cancer which may give him an emotional vulnerability AND attachment that Cheryl should be aware of. For all his arrogance there may be a "seam" of great vulnerability. Overall this is an extremely solid connection with some notable friction points that may keep things lively, amusing, and occasionally irritating.
Moses Bald 10-5-1950 2.00 In65+ C70 CY100 V75+ TR70+ TD0. Very harmonious contacts 1.50 61%-97%-55%. Very solid mood syncs. 2.00 10-3 P75 Nk100 ChOpSq MgSq C90. Likelihood of fireworks. Will it be heat or irritation or bit of both? Alot of "high" indicators also. By itself around 2.25. Say 2.00 w/syncs k75 L0 MD15 ChK90 SrK80n P75 1d. Overall above average with some soft spots. 2.25
Mark Chicago 9-23-1959 2.25 In55 C55 CY60 V45 TR70+ TD2. Overall average or better (2.50) 50%-90%-97% Excellent overall energy synchronicities 1.50 8-4 P50 Nk75 Ch55 Mg70 Very good passion indicators @2.25. With mood syncs at least 1.75 K45 P50 MD100 L100 ChK50n* 2ds Overall a solid average score or better. 2.50

Below: in soulmate range but not as strong or balanced as those above.

Girabaldi Italian 6-11-1960 2.00 In65 C35 CY75+ V90 TR20 TD1 We're okay til we get to the T's. Very strained. High highs and low lows. (3.50) 100%-80%-87% Great synchronicity. Really helps couple stay in tune. Empathy should be very high. (1.25) 7-3 P50 Nk75 Ch25sq Mg60 C70 Sexual passion but may have emotional distance given the Chsq. 2.25 by itself, (2.00) w/ great syncs. k85 MD80 P50 ChK90 SrK80 L100 1-d. Near-perfect destiny in almost all respects. (1.25)
      The only reason this match is not in a higher category is the personality score. This connection could go "either way". It is sure to have some fireworks. The question is whether these are "sexy, interesting & amusing" or more like "irritating and intolerable". There may be a quality of "can't live with them or without them". There is a deep seam of connectedness here with a strong sense of destiny. Moods are in very high harmony. Whichever way this goes it's not likely to be boring.
Timothy Flossmor 6-28-1965 2.25 In55 C60 CY50 V75+ TR55 TD1. No craters in a slightly above-average overall personality matrix. Score it around 2.75 86%-100%-57%. Superb mood synchronicity, helps all relationship aspects. 1.75 4-1 Nk65 P50 Ch0 Mg80 C55. Fair indicators. Mg is high on passion but Ch indicates potential for emotional clash or disconnect. By itself around 3.25. With great syncs improves to 2.75 k70 P50 L100 MD5 1d ChK85 SrK60n. Well above average destiny indicators w/ MD fireworks. 1.75
      The challenge here lies with an Aries/Libra persona (Cheryl) connecting with someone with a very high level of Cancer in his western chart.
Bryan Long Blond 11-13-1965 2.25 In65+ C55 CY50 V80 TR35 TD1. A "soft 3". 3.25 86%-99%-92%. Very rare mood connectivity. Highly synchronized energies, but do they attract? 1.25 6-2 P75 Nk60 Ch25 MgSqQ. C50. Erratic. By itself around 2.75. With great syncs: 2.25 K75 MD0 P75 L100 ChK80 SrK65 1d. Excellent destiny with some MD fireworks. 1.50
Jimmy Cancun 11-27-1963 2.25 In75+ C65 CY65 V75+ TR45ish TD0. Uneven TR amidst alot of harmony. 2.50 100%-40%-87%. Great physical and mental connections. 2.75 6-2 Nk90 Ch65 MgOpSq P100. Some good passion indicators. Will the OpSq be clash or heat? 2.00 k75+ P100 ChK80n SrK80 MD10 L100 1d. Incredible destiny matrix. Note MD fireworks. At least a 1.50
Tim Pilot 8-9-1971 2.25 In80 C50 CY90 V70 TR70 TD1 Very solid quilt with no glaring potholes (1.75) 63%-82%-37% Slightly below-average mental connectivity is balanced by overall above-average score. High empathy. (2.75) 10-6 P0 Ch60 Mg45 Nk25 C80. Mixed picture. Sky high initial 10-6 but the reality may or may not be as high as this forecast. All told around 2.25 K80 P0 MD10 ChK65 SrK60 L100 1D. Somewhat erratic, and MD stress. Otherwise overall promising. (2.25)
Jim Old Dog 2-25-1955 2.25 In65 C50 CY40 V70 TR65+ TD1 Overall quite harmonious with a bit of C softness. 2.25 100%-84%-65%. Very promising mood syncs. Helps all aspects of relationship. 1.75 4-1 P100 Nk75n C35 Ch65cjOpp Mg35ish Ups and downs here. 2 Aries moons definitely indicates something. By itself around 2.75. With great syncs at least 2.50 K75+ ChK70n SrK20 P100 L100 MD10 1d. Soulmates with fireworks most likely.  10% MD assures some heat or friction. 2.00
Scott Glenview 1-13-1963 2.25 In60 C70 CY100 V70 TR50 TD0 Quite harmonious. A few highs, no lows. (1.75) 100%-47%-90% Very nice synchronicity. (1.75) 2-1 P50 Nk70 Ch60 Mg50opp By itself this scores around 3.50. With mood syncs go to 3.25 k70 P50 L0 2d's ChK90 SK80 MD35 Fair to good destiny w/ bit of fireworks.(2.25)
Bart One 1-26-1972 2.25 In70+ C70+ CY85 V85 TR50 TD0 Overall quite harmonious. Excellent Sun/Moon Matrix is noted. 1.75 53%-93%-10% This couple must really make an effort to listen to each other. A 10% final mood sync says verbal communication may be exceedingly difficult if such effort is not made. Other syncs are fair to excellent. 3.75 6-2 P50 Nk75+ C75+ Ch70+ MgQsq A somewhat mixed bag here but overall promising. There may be a strong basic attraction with some "approach" challenges. 2.25 by itself. The excellent middle energy sync may tend to increase this 2.00. V75 P50 L100 1d ChK90 SrK75 MD100. Outstanding destiny indicators. 1.50
      There is truly only one glaring potential "pothole" and that is a very weak 10% mental mood synchronicity. This will often indicate that over time a strain may develop in the verbal communications of the couple. Of course this can become quite difficult, particularly among normally talkative air signs like aquarius and libra. But perhaps the talkative nature may rule the day here. OR the couple may find themselves glibly listening to the other, while their mood says "I'd like to be doing anything but listening to this person". Being a mood sync issue it is not the sort of thing that is usually immediately obvious in a connection. Other than this, the connection has alot of promise and would score considerably higher.
Greg Arlington Blond 11-20-1958 2.50 In60 C55 CY80 V70+ TR70 TD1 Solid persona contacts. 1.75 55%-95%-35% Overall above average. Couple should make an effort to listen. 2.75 5-2 P0 Nk20 C60 Ch35+ Mg75opp. Erratic. 3.50, perhaps 3.25 w/ the syncs. k80 P0 L100 1d MD20 ChK60 SrK80. Somewhat erratic. Score it 2.00
      The passion indicators here are a bit erratic. Greg's a "2" which Cheryl has dated in the past. The P and Nk scores are fairly low, and the Ch is at 35%. On the other hand there's alot of middle mood synchronicity. So how it all shakes out is somewhat indeterminant. The overall score in the 2.50 range seems appropriate.
LarryBoy 9-21-1961 2.50 In80 C60 CY55 V50 TR65 TD0. No craters, couple high points (2.25) 50%-93%-100% Very good (1.50) 5-2 P0 NkMix Ch50 Mg65 (3.00) k65 p0 MD100 L100 D75 CK20 SK55 (2.75)
Bill 7-7-1952 2.50 In50 C15 CY10 V80+ TR35 TD3. Very erratic. Not really within soulmate range. Score it 4.50 90%-80%-95% Exceptional. Top shelf. Energies in sync (1.25) 2-1 P50 Nk90 ChOpSq Mg60+. By itself quite erratic. A bit of this and a bit of that and some clash here and there. 3.25 on it's own, 2.75 w/ syncs. k80 MD100 P50 L100 ChK90 SrK50 1d. This is exceptional destiny. 1.50 range.
      There's outstanding destiny and great synchronicity of energies here. However the passion attraction may only be fair and there are some pronounced personality disconnects, most notably in the cratered C and wobbly TR. This connection could go in any direction, but there's likely to be on-balance an attraction challenge that may stand in the way of getting to the very interesting destiny and harmonious energy. A very wobbly 2.50 with high dispersion of results.
Eros Eric 11-15-1965 2.75 In75 C80 CY50 V30ish TR35ish TD1 Inconsistent. Pluses & minuses on both the surface & deeper contacts. 3.25 70%-99%-98% Exceptional energy synchronicity is the best aspect of this connection. Will help all relationship issues but in itself may not be sufficient. 1.15 6-2 P75 Nk50 C55 Ch75+ Mg75+. Overall this is fairly promising, despite the unimpressive personality score. By itself around 2.25. With great syncs up to 2.00 K40 P75 L0 2ds MD85 ChK25 SrK45 Just not quite in soulmate range. Weak side of 4.00
      This connection has the potential for some fun, given a 2.00 passions reading and 75%In. On the other hand the broader personality matrix is unimpressive at 3.25 and the destiny quotient is really out of range. Perhaps quite a good deal of empathy could develop here but the longer-term soulmate prospects may depend on factors outside of these readings. May have a tendency to work better as friends than a closer relationship.
Mark Hirmer 1-26-1965 2.75 In80 C70 CY20 V80+ TR50mix?? TD1 Overall quite harmonious with good chance of some occasional irritation from the dog/dragon situation, not a big deal in itself, and perhaps "saved" by Cheryl's Aries moon. Some potential "outer planet" stress, particularly from Pluto. Might this indicate potential for some "taboo" or "dark side" activity? On the flip side some major connectivity in several basis personal planets (sun/moon matrix extremely compatible), and great mars/venus. An 80% v-matrix is definitely a good sign given some of these potential jagged edges. An 80% In is also noted, quite rare, with the potential for alot of "surface" harmony. Score it a somewhat erratic 2.00 5%-21%-98%. The biggest challenge to this couple. A tremendous almost "mind reading" level of mental connection. However each other's emotional (and perhaps sexual) moods may be a bit difficult to understand or appreciate over time. Further stressed by a 5% 1st sync which can take several forms: a) the other appears to be a "couch potato", lacking energy over time  b) the other may appear as sickly, sex may start to feel like a chore, etc. This couple will need to make an effort to understand each others personal moods over time, although they will probably always have a very friendly and understanding mental connection. Keep in mind this is NOT an indicator that is usually initially even noticed. It is something that develops over time after the "honeymoon" is over. 4.75 is probably generous as far as romance goes. 6-2 P75 Nk75 Ch95 Mg90 C35. Overall this is quite strong. The highest Mg on this list, probably, and just a tremendous Ch/Sr matrix. Not a bit of disharmony in it. Very attractive. By itself probably in the 1.25 to 1.50 area. However the incongruous mood syncs may seriously reduce the potential. Score it 2.00 w/syncs. K75 P75 1d MD100 ChNk85 SrK75+ L0. Overall quite a strong destiny reading. This will help all aspects of the connection and probably serve to "improve" the connection over time. Combined with the incredible sun/moon matrix, the 80%In, the 98% mental connect and the superb mars/venus there may be quite a bit of a sense of "upfront ease" and destiny to this connection. The mood sync issue remains the primary question mark. Score: 1.75 due to the 0%L reading.
      The highest "2.75", could be a 2.50 for that matter. But for the mood syncs this is potentially a much higher-scoring contact. This couple should enjoy the connection BUT TAKE IT A BIT SLOW, let it evolve, if it will. Tremendous potential for fondness and friendship here, even if there are some mood strains.
Scott 10-15-1958 2.75 In60 C60 CY50 V75+ TR70 TD1Very well matched (2.00) 74%-31%-10% Strain in mental connection (4.50) 6-4 P75 Nk50 Ch65+ Mg50mx By itself a 2 but syncs drop to 2.50 k75 P75 ChK90 SrK80 L0 MD50 Very promising (1.75)
      NOTE: But for erratic mood syncs this is a 1st or 2nd category match. Potential for alot of core "relationship glue" here, and perhaps a sense of destiny. Couple needs to be patient with each other, listen, allow room & personal time, etc. If they can, this is promising, otherwise affection may fade.
Brett Judo 8-13-1973 2.75 In70 C60 CY45 V50ish TR65 TD2. High In and above average TR w/ no super-deep craters. 2.75 77%-99%-42% Good synchronicity. Score it 2.25 7-2 P0 Nk25 Mg55 Ch90. Near-perfect emotional connectivity in 90%Ch w/ fair Mg passion sparks. Offset by weak NK and 0%P. By itself around 3.00, with good synchs it's 2.75 K65 P0 L100 2d's MDunk ChK40 SrK65 Fair destiny. Score it 3.00
Daryl Motown 2-24-1961 2.75 In50 C80 CY50 V75 TR55 (Sqx Csq SCmix) TD3. Great C & V's with fair TR but several friction indicators- heat or clash? (3.00) 73%-28%-46% Fair at best.  At least mild strain in emotions likely 3.25 6-2 P50 Nk75 ChSq? Mgmix Sort of erratic here. Maybe a 2.75 on it's own. 3.00 w/ syncs K70 P50 MD50 D1 L100 CK85 SK75. Very solid destiny matrix. 1.75
      This may have a feel of destiny but not without friction and at least a couple disconnect/clash indicators.. Will friction produce more heat or stress?. Syncs not great but probably manageable.
Kevin Leather 12-27-1962 2.75 In70 C20 CY100 V90 TR20 TD2 Very erratic. Perfect CY and V-matrix but very "clashy" TR. High highs and low lows. (3.25) 99%-72%-71%. Tremendous mood synchronicity. Helps all aspects (1.35) 0-0 P50 Nk75 ChSq Mg40. 0% tropical sex. ChSq MAY produce forceful passion but without other indicators not likely to last long. By itself 5.00 With great syncs 4.00 K80 L100 ChK95 SK35 MD100 D1 (1.50) Near perfect destiny indicators.
      This connection has some very strong high points for glue but some real wobblers too. Very uneven. At the end of the day it remains to be seen if a 2.75 score can be a soulmate connection with 0-0 passion readings and PARTICULARLY with a 20%TR matrix. This connection suffers from "capricorn to the extreme" with cappie Sun, Moon, AND Mercury. All a direct 90 degree square to Cheryl's Libra/Aries sun/moon axis. See at top of this page, Capricorn is "Very Poor" contact for Cheryl. This guy is at least a "triple cappie". Can we penetrate through that to reach a great indicated destiny?
Larry 12-31-1960 2.75 In65 C80 CY75 V80 TR10 TD3. This is may be a couple that feels connected but has a great potential for clash and irritation.(3.00, erratic) 93%- 8% - 100% Tremendous potential for basic mental connectivity. A deep disconnect of emotional cycles which is always problematic for romance. Highs and lows. 3.00 ish. 1-0 P50 Nk75 Ch65 Mg90. Excellent Mg profile and good Ch. Couple may get along better in evening than daytime. 1-0 reading is quite weak. 2.50 overall, 8% mid energetic detracts, 3.00 k75 L100 P50 ChK85 MD10 D1 Overall pretty solid with some real fireworks from the MD10%. (2.00)
      The trouble here is the erratic nature of these readings. Seemingly each category has highs and lows, and no single category is particularly strong. There may be a sense of attraction, but the multitude of important squares and the 8% middle energetic may make it difficult to get there.

Below: Barest minimum connections for soulmate consideration.

Traveler 10-28-1963 3.25 In65 C65 Y80 V40ish TR50 TD0. Fair, no craters (2.50) 66%-55%-67% Solid. (2.50) 2-0 P50 Nk75 Ch50 MgVery x'd (4.25) k45 L0 ChK50 SK95 MD10 D2 (3.75)
Llewelyn Chicago 4-24-1958 3.25 In50 C100 CY90 V75 TR35 TD3. Deep C&V personality contacts are marred by a very iffy TR w/ 3TD's. Can you get past the surface? 3.00. 86%-33%-72%. Uneven but within range. Possibility of emotional distance or failure to fully understand mate's passions. 3.00 4-0 P50 Ch25 Mg30 C85 Nk75. Erratic and not particularly powerful. Both Ch and Mg are challenged. 4.00 range. k70 L100 P50 ChK80 SrK15 MD10 1d. 2.50. Erratic but somewhat above average. 2.50
      Entire match has the flavor of a decent deeper connection & destiny w/ weak attraction & some superficial clash.
Tony Hammond 12-15-1969 3.25 In70 C90 CY45 V40 TR40+ TD1. Erratic. Challenges to the broad T & V matrices with non-magnetic CY. Edgy but within limits. Score: 3.75 94%-58%-91% Very good overall mood syncs. In the 2.00 range. 8-6 Nk20 P0 Ch60+ Mg2xOp C50 An inconsistent assortment of info. Some extremely high (8-6), some very low (Nk20, P0), and some clashy (mgOp). One interpretation is that there is alot of promise (8-6), that may go unfufilled. 3.25 by itself, at least 3.00 w/ good syncs K50 P0 L0 3d's MD0 ChK60 SrK40N. Hard to call this within soulmate range although it's not terrible. 4.25
Patrick Bloomington 4-25-1963 3.25 In65 C95 CY95 V35 TR60 TD1. Fairly consistent save the below-average V-matrix. 2.50 36%-45%-34% Below average although not in the "tank". 3.50 6-3 Nk40 P75 C90+ Mg65 Ch50 Overall this is fair by itself. Probaby in the 2.00 range or so. With the wobbly cycle syncs we'll score this 2.25 k40 P75 2d's MD100 ChK35n SrK25n Though not "terrible", his is probably not within soulmate range. 4.50

Connections below this line are not within metaphysical soulmate range

Rowan Trainer 11-28-1980 3.25 In75 C55 CY50 V30ish TR60 TD3. Around 3.25 100%-87%-45%. Good overall syncs. 2.25 3-1 P75 Nk70 C50 Ch90 Mg70. Good matrix with superb Ch & Mg readings. On the other hand 3-1 is unimpressive up front. 2.50 by itself, 2.25 w/ good syncs K40 L0 P75 ChK35N SrK80 MD20 3ds. Hard to call this soulmate range. 5.00 Probably puts the whole connection on the edge or out of range.
Tom S.Bend 12-31-1964 3.50 In60 C35 Y0 V55mdx TR35(SrSq C100 SCmx) TD3 Strained. Cratered C and tough TR. Just not in range (5.00) 30%-46%-64% Not overly exciting but fair (3.25) 5-2 P75 Nk75 Ch75 Mg70mix. By itself okay @2.50. Fireworks likely. Syncs don't help (2.75) k55 P75 L0 D1 ChK65 SrK90 MD10. More fireworks from MD. Otherwise fair (3.00)
      Just too marginal. 5.00 personality score, wobbly mood syncs, and too much potential for clash: cratered opposing C's, Square Suns, Square Mars, 0-75MD. Too much stress, too few high points.
Ned Music 11-11-1960 3.75 In70 C80 CY55 V30ish TR35 (Sr50 Ch100 SrC50) TD2 Highs and lows. On the edge 3.50 54%-50%-8% An 8% verbal is a huge long-term prob (4.50) 2-1 P75 Nk75 Ch70 Mg50mix Fair by itself, syncs don't help (2.75) k40 P75 MD35 L0 D60 ChK25 SNk50. (4.25)
John Casey 5-10-1960 4.25 IN45 C70 CY55 V5 TR35ish TD1. Too erratic. Why endure this? 4.50 47%-97%-93%. Good mood connectivity. 2.25 6-4 P25 Nk25 Ch40 Mg35Op. Highs and lows. Inconsistent. 4.25, improves to 4.00 w/syncs. k10 P25 L0 MD10 ChK10. Very close to a "perfectly bad" destiny. This match is rotten to the core. 5.50
Ted Calgary 6-21-1964 4.75 In75+ C25 CY25 V20 TR25 TD2 Way out of harmony. 5.25 100%-68%-27% Fair syncs. This couple may need to work at "active listening" 3.00 4-2 P25 Nk25 C20 Ch35 Mg60,1sq This is consistently below average. Scores around 5.00 on it's own, about the same w/ syncs. 5.00 k30 MD70 ChK15 SrKunk L0 2d's. Out of soulmate range. 5.25
Bill Hunka 7-28-1964


In70 C15 CY0 V40 TR30 TD0 V-matrix is on the edge, C-matrix is cratered, much TR clash. (5.25) 37%-97%-17% Verbal connection very strained (5.00) 4-2 P0 Nk0 Ch60 Mg50sq Below average. (4.75) k50 P0 MD45 L0 D50 ChK60zsx. 3 D's, 0%L, 0%P, nothing. (5.00)